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Translation: Creeping Animals
Reptiles are a class of cold-blooded, egg-laying, air-breathing animals with backbones. Most of these animals have a sprawling gait (or crawl on their bellies), three-chambered hearts, and bodies covered with horny plates or scales. Some reptiles live on land and others live in water. Dinosaurs and pterosaurs are both reptiles. Because dinosaurs are so different from other reptiles, some authorities have suggested removing them from the reptile class.

Rhamphorhynchidae (Rhamphorhynchids)
Translation: Prow Beaks
Rhamphorhynchoidae (ram-fo-RIN-ki-day) were not dinosaurs, but an early family of Pterosaurs, or "flying" reptiles.They lived during the Late Triassic and Jurassic Periods. Some were no larger than sparrows; others were hawk-sized or larger. They had short necks and long tails, and some had small rudders on the tips of their tails.

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