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Maniraptora (Maniraptors)
The Maniraptora (man-ih-RAP-tor-ah) is a family of ornithomimosaurian (ostrich-like) theropods. They were more bird-like than any other family of ornithomimosaurids. All maniraptors had long hands bearing predatory claws.

Marginocephalia (mahr-GIN-oh-sef-FAY-lee ah) is a suborder of small-to-large-sized ornithischians. either bipedal or quadrupedal. This group includes the domed or flat-headed Pachycephalosauria, and the frill-headed and horned groups of Ceratopsia, which includes Triceratops within its families.

Massospondylidae (Massospondylids)
Translation: Greater Vertebra
Massospondylidae (mass-o-SPON-dih-lee-day) is a family of prosauropods, having medium-sized bodies and small heads and jaws.

Megalosauridae (Megalosaurids)
Translation: Big Lizards
Megalosauridae (meg-uh-lo-SAWR-ih-day) is a family of large, bipedal, carnivorous dinosaurs which lived during the Early Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods. Megalosaurids grew from 25 - 30 feet (7.6 - 9.1 meters) long and had massive skulls, long jaws, and serrated teeth. Remains of megalosaurids have been discovered in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and Madagascar. {bml see_bios.bmp} Erectopus, Megalosaurus, Poekilopleuron,Torvosaurus.

Melanorosauridae (Melanorosaurids)
Translation: Black Mountain Lizards
Melanorosauridae (mel-an-or-uh-SAWR-ih-day) is a family of prosauropods, the largest of all prosauropods. They grew from 20 - 40 feet (6.1 - 12.2 meters) long and lived during the Triassic Period in what is today Africa and Argentina. These quadrupeds had massive limbs and solid bones. Camelotia, Melanorosaurus,and Riojasaurus.

Mesozoic (mes-uh-ZO-ik) is the era following the Paleozoic Era. The Mesozoic Era began 245 million years ago and ended 66 million years ago. It was during this era that the dinosaurs lived and died.

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