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Beringia (ber-ING-ee-a) named after the land bridge spanning the Bering Straight. Western North America was connected (during the Cretaceous Period) with the eastern part of Asia by a land bridge called Beringia.

Translation: Two Feet
A bipedal animal is one that stands or walks on its two hind legs. Theropods and Ornithopods were bipeds. Humans and birds are also bipeds.

See Ornithischia

Brachiosauridae (Brachiosaurid)
Translation: Arm Lizards
Brachiosauridae (brak-ee-uh-SAWR-ih-day) is a family of sauropods with front legs as long as or longer than their hind legs. They had spoon-shaped teeth and were herbivores. The brachiosaurids were among the largest of dinosaurs, some growing to be over 98 feet (30 meters) long. They lived during the Jurassic and the Cretaceous Periods. Brachiosaurid bones have been found all over the world.

Translation: Arm Lizards
Brachiosaurinae (brak-ee-uh-SAWR-ih-nay) is a subfamily of brachiosaurid sauropods. Their front legs were longer than their hind legs. Bothriospondylus, Brachiosaurus, Pleurocoelus, and Ultrasauros.

Translation: Thunder Lizard
Brontosaurus (BRON-tuh-sawr-us) is the name that was once given to a giant sauropod. However, years after the fossil remains were named Brontosaurus, it was discovered that the same fossil remains were also known by a different name. Two years before they were named Brontosaurus, the same fossil remains had been named Apatosaurus. Since the name Apatosaurus was given first, it is considered to be the proper name of this sauropod. See also Cetiosaurs.

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