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We Would Like to Thank...

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We Would Like to Thank...

Many groups and individuals contributed to the development of the Arts & Letters Dinosaur Database.

Special thanks to Louis Jacobs, Ph.D. for his advice and assistance and Vicki Yarborough, Chief Preparer of the Shuler Museum of Paleontology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.

Art Work:
Mural painting of Browsing Sauropods by Karen Carr (214)412-0384), reproduced with the permission of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Other murals by Karen are on permanent display at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Karen's most recent project involving dinosaurs was the illustration of the book Lone Star Dinosaurs by Louis L. Jacobs, Ph.D., published by Texas A&M Press.

Voice Talents:
Fay Bayres (214) 340-7043
Dan Gallo, Prod. Director KILT Radio (713) 526-3461
Jim De Hart (972) 661-8960
Sean De Hart (214) 424-8269
Dan Gallo, Prod. Director KILT Radio (713) 526-3461
Genea Haas (972) 661-8960
Kenneth Mecca (972) 661-8960
Rhonda Perrin (972) 661-8960
Mary Reese (972) 661-8960
Steve Sanders (214) 359-9626
Vicki Yarborough (214) 768-2773

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