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Movies with Dinosaurs
1905 Prehistoric Peeps (Sebastian Smith, Hetty Potter) A scientist dreams of prehistoric adventures.
1908 Gertie the Dinosaur (animated) One of the earliest animated films and the first to feature a dinosaur, in this case, an Apatosaurus.
1908 The Prehistoric Man (British) An artist draws a picture of a prehistoric man, which comes to life and threatens the artist. He draws a picture of a dinosaur, which also comes to life and eats the prehistoric man.
1914 Brute Force a.k.a. Primitive Man (Robert Harron, Mae Marsh) D.W. Griffith's look at prehistoric times, featuring dinosaurs and other monsters.
1915 Stone Age Adventure (animated) Features dinosaurs.
1917 The Dinosaur and the Missing Link (Thomas Edison & Willis O'Brien) Cavemen and their dinosaurs are plagued by the Missing Link.
1917 R.F.D 10,000 B.C.
1917 Prehistoric Poultry (Thomas Edison & Willis O'Brien) A prehistoric bird plays tricks upon a caveman and his dinosaur.
1919 Adam Raises Cain
1919 The Ghost of Slumber Mountain (Herbert Dowley & Willis O'Brien) A hermit appears in a dream and shows the dreamer a telescope that allows him to view the prehistoric past, complete with dinosaurs.
1923 Adam's Rib (Milton Sills, Elliot Dexter) A vision of prehistoric times.
1925 The Lost World* (Bessie Love, Wallace Beery) Silent version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's story. Explorers in a remote area of South America discover a Brontosaurus, which they take home to London, where it escapes and does damage.
1926 Fig Leaves (George O'Brien, Olive Borden) Garden of Eden featuring modern conveniences and a dinosaur, in addition to the serpent.
1929 A Stone Age Romance
1933 King Kong* (Fay Wray, Bruce Cabot) The classic monster movie, featuring a Tyrannosaurus rex battling King Kong (and losing).
1933 Son of Kong* (Robert Armstrong, Helen Mack) Sequel to the classic. Explorers return to the original desert island and discover another great ape.
1940 Fantasia* (Leopold Stokowski, Deems Taylor) One of the many segments in this movie from Disney features an assortment of animals from Dinosauria.
1940 One Million B.C. (Carole Landis, Victor Mature) Story of the struggle for life in prehistoric times. This film has been mined many times since by other moviemakers, who have used it for stock footage.
1948 Unknown Island (Virginia Grey, Barton MacLane) An island where dinosaurs still exist (along with a giant sloth).
1951 Lost Continent* (Cesar Romero, Hillary Brooke) Air Force pilot searches an isolated island for the wreckage of an atomic rocket.
1953 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms* (Paul Christian, Paula Raymond) Radiation from an atomic bomb test in the Arctic thaws out a dinosaur who heads for New York.
1954 Journey to the Beginning of Time (James Lucas, Victor Betral) Boys dream that they are traveling backwards in time, seeing increasingly primitive creatures.
1954 King Dinosaur (prod. & dir. by Bert Gordon) Film about an undiscovered planet with prehistoric life. The best footage is taken from One Million B.C.
1956 The Animal World (documentary) A look at the evolution of life on Earth.
1956 Mixing the Old West with dinosaurs.
1957 The Land Unknown (Jock Mahoney, Sharon Smit) A plane goes down in an Antarctic valley, where dinosaurs live.
1960 Dinosaurus!* (Ward Ramsey, Paul Lukather) A caveman and assorted dinosaurs are brought to life on a desert island.
1960 The Lost World* (Michael Rennie, Jill St. John) Based on a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story, modern explorers find dinosaurs living in a remote region of the Amazon.
1961 Valley of the Dragons* (Sean McClory, Cesare Danova) Composed of stock footage from 1940's One Million B.C., this movie is supposedly based on a Jules Verne story.
1966 The Island of the Dinosaurs (Mexican) Explorers discover a lost world with cavemen and dinosaurs. Uses extensive footage from One Million B.C.
1967 One Million Years B.C.* (Raquel Welch, John Richardson) A look at prehistoric life from a cavewoman's point of view. Remake of One Million B.C., but does not use any footage from that film.
1969 Valley of Gwangi a.k.a. Valley Where Time Stood Still* (James Franciscus, Gila Golan) One of many movies featuring an isolated part of the modern world in which dinosaurs have survived, this one located in Mexico.
1970 Dinosaurs...The Terrible Lizards (animated) 11 minutes of animation and puppets. 1970 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth* (Victoria Vetri, Robin Hawdon) A cavewoman banned from her tribe because she's blonde, finds happiness in another tribe.
1970 Whin Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth(Victoria Vetri, Robin Hawdon) A cavewoman banned from her tribe because she's blonde, finds happiness in another tribe.
1974 The Land that Time Forgot* (Doug McClure, Susan Penhaligon) Based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Set in 1918, crew of a German sub and survivors of an Allied ship sinking find themselves in a lost world where dinosaurs exist.
1976 At the Earth's Core* (Doug McClure, Peter Cushing) A follow-up to The Land that Time Forgot, this movie has Peter Cushing using a digging device to bore into the center of the earth, where dinosaurs survive.
1976 One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing* (Helen Hayes, Peter Ustinov) Disney film in which a secret formula is hidden in a dinosaur skeleton in a London museum.
1977 The People that Time Forgot* (Patrick Wayne, Doug McClure) Based on a story by Edgar Rice Burroughs, this film features a lost civilization with cavemen and dinosaurs.
1978 Planet of the Dinosaurs* (James Whitworth) A spaceship crashes on a planet inhabited by dinosaurs.
1981 Caveman* (Ringo Starr, Shelley Long) Prehistoric comedy in which Ringo invents rock and roll using rocks and a cute dinosaur makes an appearance.
1985 Baby...Secret of the Lost Legend* (William Katt, Sean Young) A young couple rescue a baby Brontosaurus from an unscrupulous paleontologist and try to reunite it with its mother.
1988 The Land Before Time* (animated) Story of a group of baby dinosaurs that search for a legendary great valley in the midst of desolation. Features currently-accepted depictions of dinosaurs.
1993 Jurassic Park (Sam Neill, Laura Dern) A theme park featuring reborn dinosaurs goes badly awry. Based on the novel by Michael Crichton.
1993 Prehysteria (The World's Oldest Party Animals)* (Austin O'Brien) An archaeologist attempts to reacquire five dinosaur eggs a farmer's dog took from him. But the dog hatches the eggs and the farmer's kids are enchanted by five dinosaurs.
1993 Carnosaur* (Diane Ladd, Clint Howard) The star of this scary thriller is a Deinonychus brought back to life. It wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting small town.

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