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How To Hunt Dinosaurs

Some organizations offer the unique experience of actually hunting dinosaurs! Instead of taking a vacation at the beach or in the mountains, you can pay your way on an actual “dig”! One organization offering ordinary dinosaur enthusiasts the chance to help paleontologists discover and preserve dinosaur remains is Earthwatch.

Earthwatch is a non-profit institution that sponsors scholarly field research by finding paying volunteers to help scientists on research expeditions around the world. In a typical year, Earthwatch will sponsor 165 projects. Projects are divided into two- to three-week-long teams to enable members of the public to join in. Volunteers work side by side with the professionals.

Earthwatch publishes a bimonthly magazine describing work in progress and research findings. For more information, call or write Earthwatch:

680 Mount Auburn Street, Box 403N
Watertown, MA 02272
Tel 617/926-8200; Fax 617/926-8532

The Dinosaur Society also provides a listing of dinosaur expeditions and information about them.

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