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The Dinosaur Society

The Dinosaur Society is non-profit corporation founded to benefit dinosaur research and education. Dinosaurs are a key to science education and a vibrant field of scientific inquiry. Yet less than $1,000,000 per annum is presently spent worldwide on field research on dinosaurs. By creating exhibits, publishing popular and technical works, sponsoring research, programs, and trips, and advising upon and creating educational products, the Dinosaur Society aims to further dinosaur science worldwide.

One of its missions is to provide a means of ensuring the public's access to accurate information about dinosaurs; toward that end, the Society reviews and recommends literature dealing with dinosaurs. (This list of books is available on request from the Society.)

Associated with the Dinosaur Society is the Dinosaur Club (for children), membership in which includes 12 monthly issues of Dino Times ("All the news that's old."), poster, sticker, and certificate.

For information on family dinosaur expeditions, membership in the Dinosaur Club, or adult membership in the Dinosaur Society (and receiving the quarterly Dinosaur Report) call or write:

The Dinosaur Society, Inc.
200 Carleton Avenue
East Islip, NY 11730
Tel: 508-990-2824

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