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Mexico City Natural History Museum
Mexico City, MEXICO
Information (Spanish Only)
Highlights: The museum's prehistoric exhibits include a cast of Diplodocus.

South America

Araraquara Araraquara, BRAZIL
Notes: The flagstone used for the city's sidewalks, building facades, and other structures contains many dinosaur footprints. The source of the flagstone is a nearby quarry. Many sidewalk stones have been removed for archival storage and museum display.

Rio de Janeiro National Museum
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
Quinta da Boa Vista
20942 Rio de Janeiro
(021) 2648262
Highlights: The dinosaur collection features the remnants of various sauropods.

San Miguel de Tucumán Museum
25 de Mayo 492
4000 San Miguel de Tucumán Ethnology Museum
Highlights: Dinosaur exhibit includes a skeleton of a Riojasaurus.

Argentina Museum of Natural Sciences
Buenos Aries, ARGENTINA
Highlights: Specimens of Carnotaurus, Piatnitzysaurus, and the Kritosuarus australis.

Museum of La Plata University
Paseo del Bosque
La Plata
Highlights: South American Dinosaur fossils, a cast of Diplodocus, and a Centrosaurus skull.

Museum of Natural History
Paseo del Bosque
La Plata Natural History Museum

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