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Museum of Earth Sciences
av Moulay-Chérif
Rabat, Morocco
Highlights: The museum's dinosaur specimens include fossils of Cetiosaurus and Rebbachisaurus.

National Museum of Niger
Niamey, NIGER
POB 248
Highlights:The museum's prehistoric collection includes an Ouranosaurus skeleton.

Southern Sahara Desert
Period: Early Cretaceous
Discoveries: Afrovenator, a Torvosauroid, a new sauropod and nondinosaurian vertebrates. Expedition led by Paul C. Sereno of the University of Chicago (1994).

Kenya National Museum
Nairobi, KENYA

Lake Malawi
Period: Early Cretaceous
Discoveries: Malawisaurus, a new sauropod, and a new species of crocodile were discovered in this region. Expedition led by Louis Jacobs of Southern Methodist University (1990)

National Museum
Blantyre, MALAWI
Highlights: The museum features several dinosaur fossils excavated from the dinosaur beds of northern Malawi.

Bernard Price Institute of Paleontology
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
University of Witwatersrand
Johannesburg 2001
Highlights: The Institute houses fossil remains of Fabrosaurus, Lanasaurus, Massospondylus, and Melanorosaurus.

South African Museum
Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA Government Av.
POB 61
Cape Town 8000
(021) 423330
Highlights: Fossil displays of Massospondylus, Melanorosaurus, Heterodontosaurus, and a specimen believed to be that of Anchisaurus.

National Museum of Zimbabwe
Highlights: The museum's collection of dinosaur specimens includes Massospondylus, Syntarus, and the early Jurassic Vulcanodon.

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