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Tyrannosaurus Rex as Scavenger
Tyrannosaurus rex has been characterized by some as a creature too large to move quickly enough to bring down prey. Instead, they say, it was a scavenger that looked for already-dead animals to feast upon. They suggest that a good sense of smell alerted it to the presence of carrion in the vicinity, which it then consumed at leisure, being large enough to scare off any other scavengers.

While no carnivore passes up a free meal, it requires a stretch of the imagination to envision the perfect hunting machine that was Tyrannosaurus rex as a mere carrion-eater.

If Tyrannosaurus rex had been just a scavenger, would it have needed its extremely powerful jaw muscles and rows of saber-like teeth? Would it have needed its massive thigh musculature for lumbering around from carrion to carrion?

And, why was it so large? Modern predators, such as lions and tigers are much larger than scavengers, such as buzzards and hyenas. Tyrannosaurus rex had all the equipment necessary to be a very efficient predator. Tyrannosaurus, they say, moved quickly and struck hard.

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