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The Texture of Dinosaur Skin
Although we may never know the color of dinosaurs, the texture of dinosaur skin is another matter. Natural cast fossils of dinosaur skin have been discovered that show clearly what the skin of various dinosaurs looked and felt like.

Diplodocus skin casts show a pattern of tiny, pinhead-sized bumps; Hadrosaurus and Edmontosaurus skin had a leathery, pebbled appearance somewhat like that of a football. Other ornithopods display a skin texture similar to that of the modern Gila monster.

The first Archaeopteryx fossil found was a sensation because the rock in which it was found was fine-grained enough to show the impressions of feathers. If it had not been for this evidence of “skin texture,” Archaeopteryx could have been mistaken for a coelurosaur, and its significance as the first bird would have been missed.

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