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The two families of Ankylosauria (ang-kile-uh-SAWR-ih-ah) are the Ankylosaurids and the Nodosaurids. These animals were the armored tanks of the Age of Dinosaurs, covered from head to tail with patterns of bony plates.

Euoplocephalus, an Ankylosaurid, even had bony eyelids, a characteristic also found in Nodosaurids. They were quadrupedal, with short, powerful legs. Ankylosaurs ranged from six to thirty feet (1.8 - 9.0 meters) in length.

Their bodies were slung low to the ground, and they may have crouched when attacked, in order to expose nothing but armor plate to a predator. Ankylosaurids also had tails that ended in bony clubs, with which they could have actively defended themselves. As fearsome as they may have appeared, ankylosaurs were herbivores.

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