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Pachycephalosauria (pak-ee-sef-uh-lo-SAWR-ee-uh) is the infraorder of “thick-headed” Marginocephalia dinosaurs. Members of this group had helmet-like skulls, which were up to 9 inches (23 cm) thick, as in Pachycephalosaurus. By comparison, a human skull is only ¼ inch (.64 cm) thick. Their vertebrae also show strengthening that would be of use if pachycephalosaurs used their heads as battering rams. It would make sense that the domes of males would be thicker than those of females and that male pachycephalosaurs may have butted heads, as rams do, to establish dominance in their social hierarchy. The domes may have served a defensive purpose, but given the equipment of predators, it is unclear how useful the domes would have been.

Pachycephalosaurs were bipedal and herbivorous, as were the ornithopods from whom they were probably derived.

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